Friday, August 23, 2013

Hello internet world

My name is Cindy. This is my very first photography blog-type thing-ish. Before I start blogging about my shoots, I thought an initial get-to-know-you post was in order - but as I’m writing this I can already feel my fingers get awkward with my keyboard; truth is, I have no idea how to blog. In fact, I have no idea how to write things unintended for judgment by Professors and Professionals, bound for a lifetime of cluttered computer folders and, inevitably, the recycle bin.
My degree in English Literature gave me all the tools I need to write, but none of the training. The education system teaches you grammar and analysis, but no one ever tests your courage on permanence and paper trails. So I guess this is it; bird’s gotta sing and a bee’s gotta sting, right?

I’ve gotten completely off topic here. I’m sure my first challenge in blog-land will be not rolling my eyes completely out of my head when I go back and read previous blog posts. Already I can feel it coming on…It’s like hearing your own voice on an answering machine. “Oh my God, is that me? No, I don’t sound like that - my voice isn’t that high-pitched, right guys?”…. Guys?

I digress. Just now I came up with something for me to work on when writing future posts: picking a topic before writing the post, and then focusing on that topic during the writing of said post. Genius!

Switching gears a bit here (that is, from a sort of courtship-paced introduction to a speed dating version) – the point of this post is to say, “Hello internet people.” My name is Cindy Yetman. I studied Fine Art and Photography at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI, and I am working on building my own small photography business. I spend my time editing photos, eating chocolate, and hanging out with my cat. This photography blog is a way for me to discover what I truly want to pursue within photography, and also serves as an artistic outlet where I can post my pictures and rant on the internet. I’m a Scorpio.

Till next time,