Monday, October 21, 2013

My First Dance Shoot

I've always wanted to do a dance photoshoot. I took ballet as a kid, and discovered swing dancing when I moved to the Seattle area, so my fascination with dance has been sort of on-going my whole life. Ever since I got into photography I knew I wanted to photograph dancers and their movement – and I also knew it would be terrifying. What if I don’t get my timing right? What if the lighting doesn't lend itself to the best settings? What if my photos don’t accurately capture the majestic beauty of dance and its fancy dancers?!

Well, Rebecca and Paul, swing dancers extraordinaire, helped put my fears to rest when they asked me to do a promo shoot for them. I was so excited to be doing my first ever dance shoot! And I’m so glad it was with Rebecca and Paul; they were fun to work with, laid back, and absolutely hilarious – I couldn't have asked for a better couple to shoot for my first dance series. Not only do they teach swing dance, but Rebecca also runs her own dance blog with great tips for beginners and professionals alike! She is even a freelance writer, and gives away great blogging tips one post at a time

The best part about photographing Rebecca and Paul was that they are just downright good people. You can see their love for each other when they dance together, you can see their love for jazz, you can see their joy. They are kind, great conversationalists, and were oh-so patient with me on shoot whenever anything unexpected came up and we had to change our plan. Shooting with them was a refreshing reminder that you choose who you photograph - not just the other way around.

Check out the results from our shoot below!


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Makeup and Hair artist: MariaSharp
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